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> into MENA: we build customers into the ways companies work - that’s our 10x alternative advantage.

We understand the key trends that are reshaping realities in the MENA region. We have seen change influence many new and established businesses. In different industries, under different circumstances. We help clients harness that change.

We bring the years of regional, global and multidiscplinary experience; and the stamina to guide our clients through new and often disruptive realities. We understand where value can be gained amid such major shifts in the consumer, business and geopolitical landscape.

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Business Innovation

Rethink, reinvent and/or realise the MENA impact through new revenue and growth. 

// business model innovation / product & service innovation / customer experience innovation / enterprise design thinking / loyalty innovation.

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People Insight

Understand the MENA customer, gather momentum and unlock potential.

// brand ideation / foresight & scenario studies / trend analysis & reporting / innovation support & facilitation / diagnostics / customer mindsets / testing & prototyping / behaviour change / demand drivers / trend explorer / data & ai / profit mining.

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Venture Studio

Work with us to co-create and co-own ‘a new 10x thing’ in your MENA business.

// startup as a service / entrepreneur-in-residence / advisory board / attract capital & investor relations.

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Design Studio

Reimagine customer interaction experience and develop your MENA offering

// architecture & space design / brand design / package design / information design / data design, conversational design / media design.

Platforms & Tools

Work with us to co-create an overlay service and command ‘a new revenue’ 

// apply real time interaction management / launch new offering / captivate new audience / build an ecosystem / enrich hyper-relevant loyalty.

Org Activation

Great results start from within. Together, we cultivate clarity, commitment & governance.

// create buy-in / motivate with rewards / nurture knowledge sharing / create internal customer advocates / increase financial security / attract talent.

Big questions we tackle

Undergoing a period of great social, political, and economic transformation, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is becoming a burgeoning hub of commercial innovation and entrepreneurship.

How we're tackling some of the most complex regional challenges

The industries we serve

The Arab world, home to more than 430 million people, with a Gross Domestic Product of around $2.8 trillion, is playing a greater role in the world economy.

Since our inception we have helped clients, accross many industries, get closer to their customers.

// How companies across MENA can turn the page on the loyalty era and usher in the relevance era / how can we adapt customer offering to become more relevant to MENA / how can design advance education in MENA / how to replace a command-and-control operating model with an agile one /how can trust unlock value.

// automotive / consumer goods / services / retail / financial services and banks / food and nutrition / public health / healthcare / pharmaceuticals / education / non-profit

Companies must fine-tune their assortment, branding, and pricing and promotions to meet the specific needs of the increasingly price-sensitive and more demanding consumer.
— Navigating a perfect storm in the Middle East’s consumer sector / Mckinsey&Company