a mandate for MENA & Mashreq: we partner with progressive leaders to design 10x alternative advantage and make it happen.

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>a mandate for MENA: we partner with progressive leaders to design 10x alternatives and make it happen.


Major structural shifts in the region will compel companies to transform their businesses both commercially and operationally.

We see such moments of change as opportunities, and relevance as the tool you need to capture value from them.


Businesses come to us when they reach a point of inflection and/or when they want to recapture profit. We see four scenarios of change most often in our work. We use them to ensure sustained success for our clients.


Creating what's next.

Start-up businesses or established companies developing new products or services.

Growing your reach

Through customer acquisitions, new products, new partnerships or international expansions. 

Adapting to a new reality

Adapt to a new competitive landscape, define an offer or reposition for a new marketplace.

Transforming your business

Embrace a new vision, define new targets, set a new strategy

Let's talk about how we can make innovation work for you.

We want to find answers to the people’s needs and create experience points. Design never ends, as we examine the present and, based on that, redefine the future.
— Tareq Kour / Founding Partner
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Redesing rewards around the customer beyond the cards. The total relationship loyalty advantage for Arab Bank.

Arab Bank, one of the largest and leading banks in Middle East, wanted to re-position around the customer as it sought to set itself apart within a highlight competitive market space. We saw 10x advantage in redesigning its existing card rewards programme to deliver new revenue from a new total relationship loyalty platform.

//remould // financial services // new revenue / loyalty strategy / platform / entrepreneur-in-residence.


Doing what patients want next at ROCHE. A new touchpoint to interact with doctors.

Roche wanted to break free from the cliche in-symposium brand experience and grow its professional outreach. We re-defined the interaction to deliver an innovative space with 10x the impact.

//grow // healthcare // space design / brand design / conversation strategy / patient activation / interactive.

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Let's Suggest. A platform for collaboration and innovation

Bayer Middle East wanted to find new ways to innovatively engage its internal teams and progress go-to-market innovation through knowledge sharing and active participation.

//create // healthcare // brand identity / brand strategy / employee engagement.